GAD Photoguide

Personalized vehicle picture sets

We have already prepared various standard sets for sale on vehicle portals.

which are specially adapted to the number of pictures of the big vehicle portals like Mobile, Autoscout24 etc.

The background can of course be created and selected individually.

Templates can be found at GAD Art.

It is possible to work with several products (example: product CC8: 8 images or product NC6:6 images) – no matter if predefined or individual.

For example, you can decide how many pictures you want to take based on the manufacturer’s, importer’s or vehicle brand specifications – we recommend a minimum of 6 vehicle pictures

We create a personalised photo guide for your sales and store it in the app GAD24

Brand dealers/importers such as Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar-Land-Rover,PSA,PIA . already successfully rely on our products.